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My dad is insane!

Okay, so I get back from work, quarter to ten, go up to my room to get changed into my pjs because I'm soaking wet, and find my room freezing. Further investigation leads me to discover that my heater has been unplugged, and since I have no central heating in my room, without the heater it drops to unliveable temperatures very quickly in winter. Gets insanely hot in summer too, but that's besides the point. So I plug it in, and note with some confusion that my computer is plugged in. This is puzzling because I always unplug it at night because otherwise the light on it can't be turned off and I like it nice and dark when I go to sleep. I conclude that last night, I somehow managed to unplug the heater instead of the computer and was so tired I fell asleep without noticing the annoying light. I had forgotten that the heater was definitely working the night before.

So then I go and watch Stargate, during which my dad goes on about how my room is a mess and I should tidy it up because my auntie is coming to stay and she will want to look at it? Wtf? Is he planning on giving guided tours of the house? Why would she want to look at my room? "Well, you'll definitely want to take Zachery up there." I will? Why will I want to take my seventeen year old cousin up to my bedroom? Oh yes, because my dad's a nutter and has just realised that his tours of the house speech made no sense, and is covering. Yeah, I might let him go up to look round or whatever, but if it's a tip I'd just say he couldn't. My dad then starts rambling about how I have too many cups up there, which is true I guess, I do forget to bring them down, but it's kinda irrelevant.

Then I come up again to go on the internet, and I see my dad's cup. I know it's his because it's one of those ones that are a mini percolator in a mug, an easy way of making real coffee, if you don't mind getting a few grains that slip through in your mouth. Me, I mind, so I know it's not me that left it there. I also know it's not my mum because there is milk in the coffee dregs, and she's allergic to it. Conclusion: My dad went up in my room, used my computer, unplugged my heater and left his coffee mug there, and then proceeded to have a go at me about leaving mugs up there. Conclusion 2: My dad is a nutter.

I went and told him I knew he'd been up there, I had the cup as evidence in case he denied it, and he said "If I want to use it, I'll use it." What? Why exactly? What gives him the right to help himself to my computer, make my room cold and then spend the night having a go at me? What excatly was wrong with his laptop? Or Jennie's computer, she's at uni and no one's using it. he just kept repeating over and over "If I want to use it, I'll use it." Well, no you won’t, you arse. I'm taking the lead out the back when I've finished and hiding it. Extreme, maybe, but it might discourage him. I'm not having him thinking he's got a right to use my stuff when I'm not in. I have stories I've written on this computer, my internet history is full of sites I don't want him browsing, not to mention IT'S MY COMPUTER! I bought it, with my money, he has his own. Two of them, in fact. And he says all he did was use Word, so why did he need to use mine?!
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