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Last night was someone at work's last night. She's the second person to leave since I've been there, and that's not including the newbies who started with me who quit. Apparently they are recruiting again. Looks like they have a very high turnover of staff there. I'm not surprised though, it's a bit of a depressing job. Almost everyone there is looking for something else. I'm thinking of trying to find another job too, but I'd feel guilty if I left so soon. Plus, yeah it can be depressing, but it's still the best job I've ever had and it's even fun sometimes with the silly games everyone plays and stuff, and I'm worried that if I move somewhere else I'll regret it.

But anyway, last night was only supposed to be a couple of drinks and then getting the last bus home, but I ended up staying til way too late for that. Rob (boss guy and drummer in Mr Mojo) suggested we all go to Pozition for the new indie night, he managed to get us on the guest list so we didn't have to pay, which was cool. There was band playing, who were pretty awesome, and I got very drunk. So drunk in fact that I managed to lose everyone I went with (although I suspect they just wondered off while I was distracted and then were also drunk and so forgot about me) and then left my purse behind on the cloakroom counter. Disaster! I didn't realise until I got home and had to pay the taxi driver and, of course, couldn't. I panickingly rang up 118118 and got the number for the club, and the guy who answered told me he couldn't go and check if it was still there for 15 minutes, so I should ring back later. Perfect, if by any chance someone hadn't already stolen it, they had a whole extra quarter of an hour to do so. And I still couldn't pay the driver. I decided to go in the house and borrow some money from my mum's purse, then reimburse her later. The taxi driver told me not to worry about paying, but I couldn't do that. Then as I got out of the car, I noticed the house door was open and my dad was talking to someone. I hurried over to ask him for some money, and he shouted to ask if I'd forgotten my purse. Turns out this guy had found it, got my address from my driving licence and brought it home. How cool is that?

I am amazed though, I never imagined someone would bring it home for me! It's almost enough to renew my belief that people can be good.

Tonight I don't know what I'm going to do. Rob's band is playing somewhere near Chants ave, which it just around the corner from my house, I'd go, but I don't want to go on my own. I'd ask one of my friends to go, but I'm not 100% sure where it is, so I don't want to spend the night wondering around looking for it. Plus I'm quite hung over, so I might just stay home and watch Traders all night. Even if that does make me kinda boring. I told Matt I couldn't go round to his to eat tonight because I felt too crappy, it'd be a bit bad to then go out instead...
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