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I didn't go out in the end, I just stayed home and watched TV. I have just about recovered from the effects of last night though. I don't think going out after work is a good thing. My dinner break is at four, and I have a snack about half six in my ten minute break, but I don't really eat much, since I normally have something when I get home. So what I did last night was go out and drink lager instead of eating. Needless to say, that's not a good thing! Next time I think we might be going out after work, I'll raid the vending machine all evening between call and hopefully will be able to just about function the next day. I might even not end up drunk enough to leave my purse somewhere stupid.

Right, well I really want to sleep, but I started watching an episode of Slings and Arrows earlier, and I had to switch it off after about ten minutes to help my mum with something, so I think I'll finish watching that first.
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