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Changed the layout again!

Well, the other one seemed a bit mad and too many colours for me. I could have altered them, but I had already spent an hour doing that. This one is simpler. I'll keep it like this for now.
So, I finally updated Weloveteachers, maybe I'll even put up the christmas decorations. On the front page. I'm not doing the whole site again. Takes too long. I was considering redoing it with frames, since it would be so much easier to make updates. I know some people still hate them, which is why I resisted for so long, but if I used frames, I could add decorations to the navigation frame or the title at the top and hey presto, every page is decorated! But it might be a lot of faffing to get it all done and get it decorated before christmas. Maybe next year. Of course, by then no one will be visiting the site because no one will be interested in Teachers anymore. Unless it gets a 5th series, and I find myself really hoping that that doesn't happen.
Anyway, I've got to check my latest chapter of The Weapon, then I'm going to post it, and I need to think up a name for my new fic, once I finish it, that doesn't give the end away.

29 hours...
Tags: fanfic, lj, teachers, web design
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