prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

The Lost-fest on Sunday went well. I have successfully got my friend Emma addicted. I had trouble deciding which episodes to show her, but went for the first four, Numbers, and Exodus, filling her in on everything that happened in between. Not ideal, but it seemed to work. And now there is less than 24 hours to the start of season 2. And yeah, I've already seen it, but not for a while so I'm still excited.

Spent most of today watching Traders. I've got really behind, not having seen any from the end of season three. I've got myself caught up all the way to 408. Grant's a little scary at the moment... I wish I could watch more, but it's school tomorrow, so I need sleep and won't have time in the morning because I leave at half eight. Can't watch it tomorrow night either, because Lost starts about 15 minutes after I get home. I really hate long days like that. My head's full of fanfic ideas though, so I might have something to do tomorrow in between calls...
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