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I was reading an issue of New Scientist from a couple of weeks ago at work today, and I came across something that had me having to press the mute button so the person who called couldn't hear me laughing. A couple of years ago, there was a study into whether or not people preferred normal to GM foods. The study was done in a shop in Canada, where customers were offered two kinds of sweetcorn, GM and non-GM. It found that people bought 50% more GM then non-GM. The study was actually awarded a prize by the British Food Journal for most outstanding paper of 2004. Apparently the results aren't as accurate as the paper suggested though, because rather than being labeled GM and non GM as the paper claimed, a campaign group called GMWatch has published a photo of the study, showing the non-GM corn in the store. There is a big sign hanging above it saying "Would you eat wormy sweetcorn?" Yeah, I wonder why that didn't sell as well as the other stuff!

Read the article here if you want, it's only short.

Completely unrelated, but the latest issue of New Scientist has an article about genetic engineering (of humans this time) and it mentions a gene therapy trial. Same day I read it, I went home and watched an episode of ReGenesis, and someone mentioned the exact same thing, so I knew what he was talking about. Very cool, made me feel all clever!

My day off tomorrow. Now, I know I was all complainy about the long gaps between days off, but apparently I have no right to complain, someone there is having his first day off in 8 weeks tomorrow. I think he wanted that many extra hours though, but still... And anyway, I have next Saturday booked off. This time next week I'll have seen Def Leppard. How cool is that!?
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