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Def Leppard

Oh my god how good was that?!

I was so close to the front!! It was absolutely fucking amazing. And they did all my favourite songs! We kind of cheated with the getting to the front, because we got delayed and turned up just a few minutes before the opened the doors, and then they diverted the back of out queue through another door, so we got in a lot quicker than people who had probably been there longer. We ended up maybe ten or so heads from the front. Which was strange, because the tickets we got were rear standing, and they were selling front standing too. But maybe they decided not to bother with that, because there was no barrier or anything. So yeah, I was so close!

Right now I'm still too much in "Omnygodijustsawdefleppardlive" mode to say anything intelligent or probably even understandable. But it was probably the best show I've ever seen. And not to be mean or anything, but I'm so glad they stuck to the Yeah! and the classics, I still don't much like X...

Also, Sav's base solo, wow, that was so great! I've never heard anything like it, it was just really haunting and beautiful. And the applause and cheers when Joe introduced Rick Allen, I thought it was going to go on forever. He looked a little overwhelmed by it. I thought I was probably wrong, but everyone over on the Def Leppard message board were saying the same thing. Oh, and Rick just grinned, like all the time. All the way through. Every time I looked at him he had this huge grin on his face. And it goes without saying really, but Joe sounded amazing. And since I've not mentioned them yet, Phil and Viv rocked too, of course.

I wish I'd stuck around, apparently Phil and Rick came out later and signed autographs. Still, next time... Because Joe did promise us "There will be a next time"

Aw. Now it's over, and those lucky gits who're going to London will still have it to come. This "next time" better be soon!

Well, I've got tomorrow off work, so I'm going down to Bristol with my mum to pick Jennie up from uni. And show off my Def Leppard T-shirt to a new town!
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