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I was meant to be going out tonight. I'd arranged it with my friend and everything. Then she texted and said she couldn't. With a whole long list of reasons why she couldn't afford it. A list of better things she could do with her money, basically. And so I got all depressed because I hate when my plans change last minute, and spent the night watching TV and feeling like a loser because I didn't have anyone else to go with. And I'd told my friend from work I'd go and see his band tonight, and I don't have his number so I couldn't text and say I couldn't make it, so he'll probably think I'm really rude or something. Which sucks because I only have one friend at work, the others kind of ignore me. Which isn't all that unusual for me, because of how crap I am at talking to people, but when I find one who is willing to speak to me I prefer not to seem like a bitch. So now I'm all depressed again. Just as my mood was finally starting to lift after a few weeks, I feel even worse. Perfect.

I need to go out and get drunk asap.
Tags: wtf?
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