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I am confessing to nothing, but in a later entry I will. Yeah, you know what I'm gonna say!

Nah though, today it's just a general 'ooops, I'm getting up in 4 1/2 hours and I'm still awake' type thing. Still, I guess I'll get to sleep nice and easy tomorrow night. I still have trouble sleeping the night before my birthday. Mad, isn't it!?
Was meant to tidy my room today, but I didn't. Brought down nearly 20 cups that I had accumulated though. None had mould in this time. Always a bonus! Spent the whole day reading Stargate SG-1 fic. Even to the point where I didn't read new chapters of some Atlantis fics. Don't know what's going on there, cus Atlantis is still the best.
Anyway, must sleep. Or maybe I should just stay up now, rely on coffee until Monday night. Nah, maybe not

41 1/2 hours to Atlantis
20 1/2 hours til my birthday officially starts
27 1/2 hours til the actual anniversary of the time I was born
65 1/2 hours til I can probably watch Atlantis
Tags: real life, sga
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