prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I was rudely awoken at half ten this morning, half an hour before my alarm was due to go off, by work asking me to go in. I can never turn work down, because I need money, so I rushed and (despite Sunday buses) managed to get in for 12. Worked til 7, they asked me to stay til 10, but no way. So I didn't get any tidying done at all. Never mind.

I got back at quarter to eight, walked the dog, bought some food and am now making curry. I was planning on watching more Monk, but I might watch Galaxy Quest instead, get my Tony Shalhoub fix that way. (I watched some of The Siege last night. I'd forgotten he was in it, because I saw it years ago before I'd ever heard of him, but he's got a huge part, and he's really good Not my kinda film really, but worth watching just for his performance. Seriously. I don't think that's just the obsession talking.) On the other hand, I might catch up on the Atlantis episodes that my Monk fixation has caused me to miss. Or I might just sleep, because I'm kinda exhausted.
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