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I am such an idiot! Yep, laugh all you want, I don't care...I set the video wrong! *sigh*
Well, not wrong exactly, it's just I was being rushed out the door and forgot to actually switch the video off, so it didn't work. Stupid contraption. Probably didn't help that I'd already had a few drinks...
Anyway, I'm going to have to watch it tonight. Which isn't a major problem, since I was going to anyway. I just can't believe what a duh-brain I was!
So, food was good, film was good, and I've got a few pictures of me wearing as many party hats as I could. Which should be interesting when they are developed (watch this space!)
I got an Ipod! I so wasn't expecting that! Cool though. So I'm going to have to put all my CDs on it! Got it working and everything though, always a bonus!

So, due to my stupidity:
3 hrs 15 mins to The Storm...
147 hrs 15 mins to The Eye...
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