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Stargate Atlantis spoilers

Getting Rid of Beckett? Wft? Seriously, that is the most stupid move they could possibly make. Beckett's one of my two favourite characters, to think there will be no more hilarious McKay and Beckett moments after sometime during the second half of this season. What are they thinking? Oh yeah, they're thinking "let's replace him with some boring woman."

I am seriously depressed about this. If they wanted to get rid of someone they should have gone for Ronon. Or Caldwell (however you spell his name). Don't they realise what a huge fanbase Beckett has? There are thousands of fans who count him as their favourite character. And this time they're not even trying to pretend like the actor thinks it's a great idea, like they did with Rainbow Sun Franks. Not, I have to admit, that I minded losing Ford, he was kinda boring. But Beckett isn't.

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