prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Wow I was drunk last night! I was literally not able to hit any of the right keys. It was hilarious! But I had quite a headache this morning. It faded off now though, which is good!

Spent most of today wondering around popping into various cafes and pubs. Wandered around the market again and drank more Glühwein. Now Iäm back in the hotel lobby. Our flight doesn't go until 9.55, so we've a long wait before we need to be at the airport, and nothing to do. I think I've drank all the coffee my body can handle for today, so I can't even do that! Don't know where we're going to eat becuase most places don't start serving until too late, so probably we'll have to find something at the airport.

I'm so exhausted, I can't wait to get to sleep! Unfortunately we're going to have to stay at my nana's tonight so I'll be force-fed buns and talked at about boring things before I'm allowed to sleep!
Tags: real life
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