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I am incredibly stressed out. I have to do all this stuff I don't want to. I hate being sociable! Like I have to go to this party with all the work people tonight when I would much rather not bother and use the work-closing-earlyness to go home and watch Stargate. And then I have to go to the meal on Saturday, which I'm completely stressed about because I have no idea where it it. Well, I know where the hotel it's at is, but I don't know where abouts I need to go. And I know that to most people these don't sound like particularly stressful things, but I'm me, and therefore freaking out. And don't even get me started on writing Christmas cards. Some people at work have given me one, so I feel like I should give one back, but then, I should surely give one to everyone, or at least all the verification people, but I don't know them all, I have a list of names but the ones I don't talk to or talk to rarely, I don't know which one's which. Is it rude to not give a card to people who gave you one? Would it be better to just give them to the people who gave one to me or would that make me look mean? I don't know how that works! Crap.

Also, unrelated but whatever

Larry won't really leave will he? I've spent the last couple of days going through the third season several episodes a day, and I've made it to episode 10, which has me all caught up. The next ep airs on Friday, but the last one has me worried. I mean, what is it with me and my favourite characters leaving shows? I know, they've just done it to worry people, I'm sure. Why else would they have ended the episode with Charlie looking through old photos of him and Larry and being all like "He's really leaving, isn't he?". It's to worry people, because we've all spent the whole episode, just like Charlie, going "Yeah, right. He's really going to go into space!" And then we start to figure that maybe he is. But he's not. No way. I don't need to check spoilers and stuff and ruin later episodes to be sure of that. Do I?

Okay, I need someone to reassure me. Either because they know what's going to happen or because they are pretty sure they know. I need someone to tell me he's going to be staying on Earth, because Larry is the reason I watch Numb3rs and if he leaves, even for a little bit, I'm going to be very upset!
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