prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Okay, so all the stressness from the last entry is over, which can only be a good thing. And I didn't have too bad a time on either night out. Wednesday we went straight from work to this hotel bar where all the sales people had had their meal, and were given £50 each because we had to work (I was almost given my money twice. Lucky thing for my boss I'm honest!) and then hung around there listening to cheesy music before a couple of us headed on to Atic for some decent music. Thursday (which was my birthday) I was very hung over. Probably not as bad as Sarah though, who we practically had to carry home because she was trying to crawl.

Saturday everyone went home after work, except me. My plan had been to hang around in the office for an hour or so and watch Stargate on my Ipod (got a video Ipod for my birthday, the awesomeness!) but someone who lives in town invited me round to hers. Everyone met up for a meal a little later. It wasn't that great, and probably not worth the £15 we had to pay for it. But it was worth that much not to be talked about behind my back, as that's the treatment that everyone who didn't go got. They went out afterwards, but I didn't stay long, partly because I didn't want another hangover, partly because I'd already spent all my money and mostly because some moron spilled some revolting Red Bull drink on me.

So, now the only stress thing is cards, which I really don't want to do. So maybe I won't. I dunno.
Tags: real life, work
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