prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I just spent almost an entire day watching Corner Gas. I think it might be doing strange things to my mind though, because I just watched the one where it's the Dog River's centennial and Hank makes a model of the town out of Lego, and I started wanting to play with some Lego. But since I don't know where it is any more, I got out my huge K'nex set out instead, then spent about an hour making a start on the huge roller coaster. And then I went and watched more Corner Gas.

It must be because the season just ended and it'll be ages before the next one starts. Or I'm just cracking up. Or possibly both.

Anyway I have a driving lesson tomorrow (my second ont with my new instructor, I left BSM because the office staff are evil and/or incompetent). I was supposed to go to the cash machine today and get out some money to pay for it, but I got so involved in the Corner Gas watching and K'nex building I forgot, so I'll have to do it in the morning. Ah well.

Also I finally got around to watching Bon Cop Bad Cop the other day, it is so good. So I'm going to be trying to get everyone I know to watch it over the next few weeks. Which should be fun!
Tags: corner gas, movies, real life
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