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Passed my driving test!

I am in shock! To think that I even managed to get up in time for the test, but to actually have passed it! Wow, sometimes I surprise myself, I guess.

The test was a bit mad. It kept raining, which is never a good thing, so I had to keep switching the wipers on and off because I didn't know whether I'd be penalised for leaving them on of going to fast when it wasn't necessary. Then there was a major accident, which meant we had to take a detour down this little side street that was barely big enough for one car, let alone the 50 diverted ones that were trying to get down there, with a huge lorry coming the other way. Eventually, the lorry got stuck and the examiner told me to drive on the pavement to get past! And of course, there was the Evil Roundabout, which is the roundabout near B&Q. I hate it because it's impossible to get around. And since it's right near the test centre, I got it. So I wound up sitting there for about half an hour waiting until I could go. I was sure I'd fail for that. But nope. Wow.

I got 5 minor faults. 1 for use of signals, 2 for clearance of obstructions, one undue hesitation (probably that damn roundabout) and one that says 'turning right'. Probably the time I almost missed a turning because I mixed up left and right again.

So, awesomeness, I can now legally drive. All I need is a car.
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