prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Plans for the day went slightly awry. I had wanted to chill out and watch the last two episodes of season 2 of Supernatural in preparation for the finale. I took the dog for a walk and when I got back my brother had shown up, which he does from time to time with no warning. So we drank loads of coffee and talked about cars, or more specifically what kind of car I should get now I've got my job back and can afford one (yay!). Still no idea. Something cheap would be best, I think.

Then he took me (and the dog) to a supermarket car park to try out some bay parking because I said I hate it. He's a bit of a psycho perfectionist, so we were there a while, and now he's cleaning his entire car, so it would be a bit rude for me to disappear upstairs to watch TV or write. So I guess I'll do it later or tomorrow morning before work. Or maybe just wait until the finale airs, then watch the entire season in one sitting!
Tags: real life
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