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Oh that was a good episode of ReGenesis. Finally.

I loved everything about it, and for the first time since he turned up, I was able to look at Geraint Wyn Davies's character and not see an older, fatter version of Nick Knight. Which was good. I especially liked his reaction when his son came out to him, not becuase it was a good way to react, obviously, but it was really well acted.

The ongoing story with Bob is great. I love it when my favourite character gets a story arc, and when it's so chock-full-o angst as this one is it just makes it all the better. Bob's by far the most interesting character on the show, even if they have been making him seem a little out of character recently. Or maybe they haven't. Someone starts going blind, they are obviously going to act a little differently. But that's the thing, he's not really acting that differently to normal, which for Bob, given the circumstances, seems out of character. I personally would imagine him retreating into his obsession, which is what Aspies tend to do when under stress, but he hasn't even mentioned perfume this season.

Maybe the writers have forgotten all about that!

I'm really worried for him though, because he's just so scared, and Dmitry Chepovetsky, who had spent two and a half seasons with the same expression on his face (not a criticism, just an observation, that's what Bob's like) pulls off that terror in a very Bob-like way, making it completely believable. I also love how Bob pretty much lies to Mayko and will only speak honestly to David. Although I do think David's pushing him into the surgery, which of course, he is. He thinks it's in Bob's best interest, and if it goes well, he'll be right. If it doesn't though, Bob will have basically been betrayed by the one person he trusts. And looking at that preview, they didn't give any clue about the outcome, but the few seconds we saw, it didn't look good. Maybe that was on purpose though to worry all the Bob fans.

Does it make me evil if I hope the surgery doesn't work? It's just, there aren't that many episodes left, and I'd like to squeeze in as much angst as is possible.

Roll on next week!
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