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Busses are lame! (part 2)

Torrential rain prevented me from maintaining my boycott of the busses, because cycling in the rain just sucks, especially when you have nothing waterproof and the slightest bit of dampness causes your hair to inflate to three times its normal size. So I got to the bus stop in plenty of time to get in town, pop in Boots and buy some dinner and get to work with time to spare. And I waited, and waited and waited. The crowd of people waiting grew longer and more irritated. Half an hour passed. I rang work to tell them I'd be late, and John told me that lots of busses had been canceled. And that Chants Ave was closed because of flooding.

So I rand buscall, who told me there should be no problem with the busses up to Bricknell Ave, but after that they are taking a detour via Jupiter. So, I asked, if there's no problem with the service, how come I've been standing here in the rain for half an hour. "Well, they've been changed to every half hour for today,"

Obviously I'm no expert, but shouldn't she have mentioned that before?

So a bus finally turned up 40 minutes after I arrived at the bus stop, and proceed to crawl along Cottingham and then Beverly road into town, depositing me outside work, soaking wet, exhausted, irritated and 45 minutes late. Great. Next time, I cycle in the rain.

I've successfully handed in my notice anyway, my last day will be friday 22 June. Which is both exciting and a little terrifying...
Tags: real life, wtf?
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