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Day off...

Well, no work today. Apparently NPower is still flooded. The guy from the agency told me he'll let me know if I need to go in tomorrow. He also explained that he wasn't in the office yesterday because his house was flooded, and that his daughter spent the night trapped in Sheffield sleeping in the Hallam arena. So we definitely did get off lightly by the sounds of it.

The lake in the back garden has retreated, so we now have the half nearest to the house back, from what I can see out of the window it looks like the tenfoot river is starting to dry up too, there are bits of dry now, but it looks like it's mostly still the same. Assuming it doesn't rain again, everything here should be back to normal by tomorrow.

The paper says Hull got 97mm of rain yesterday, and that there is more to come at the end of the week.

I might go in town today since I'm not working and I couldn't go yesterday. I can't be bothered, I'd much rather sit around at home, but I do need some stuff for my holiday. Assuming, that is, that the forecast rain at the end of the week doesn't prevent me from getting there...
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