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So, Supernatural's finally back.

Gotta say though, the season 2 opener left me begging for the next episode. Season 3 I was more "Right, that was pretty cool I guess". I suppose they can't all be amazing, and of course I'm just happy to see it back again, but still...

Maybe it was the use of so many new characters in the same episode, it sort of felt like Sam and Dean were spread a little thin, especially with (not that he isn't awesome, of course) Bobby being there too. I guess I was hoping for more Sam Dean angst. It started off well and ended great though, and the bit in the middle wasn't half bad either. So maybe I should just shut the hell up and wait for next week like a good little obsessive.

Also, death by drain cleaner is a horrible way to go. Especially since I liked that character. And random blonde chick with magic knife is one of the new semi-regulars, I take it? Well, she'd better not bust in and save the day too many more times, or I'll be very unhappy. I already kind of hate her on principle.

And finally, Dean admits he's a selfish jerk, and he's totally fine with it. They finally talk about Dean's deal, and we get all the angst of Sam angry that Dean's going to put him through the pain of losing his brother, the same thing Dean couldn't deal with. That's been in so many fics since the end of season 2, it's so great to see it finally happen. Not that there was any doubt it would, and I kinda thought they might wait a couple of episodes, but hey, whatever.

And this line --->
"I'm tired, Sam, and I don't know, it's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel."
"It's Hellfire, Dean"
Was so awesome!

The end.
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