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Treed Murray is a good film! It's really not the kind of film I would normally go for. I usually wouldn't have even rented it, let alone bought it. Then again, I rarely buy things without having seen them first. The only other time I ever did was Nothing, which I'm very glad I did. I'm also seriously considering buying the DVD box set of Traders series 1, but maybe that would be a stupid idea. Obsessions have a bad effect on my bank account, and although I rarely regret buying things, I do get a lot of grief from my family because of it.
Today for example, my sister comes into the room and goes "You *bought* that Get Down film?!"
"Yes," I say.
"Well, why?!"
I sigh and roll my eyes. Because I can't help it. Because when an obsession takes over, I am no longer in control of my actions. Because I am weird. I look her in the eye, something I really don't like doing, but I know it can make a statement more effective, "Because I wanted to."
She left it at that. But she sid make a weird snorting noise, which I know from experience means she's now going to tell everyone about it. And this was only a DVD I bought in a shop. I think they think it's worse when I start ordering stuff from Canada. Hmm, okay, maybe I should take that as a sign that I totally *should* do it. After all, why should I let a bunch of NTs dictate to me what I should do. I don't mock Jennie for buying so many clothes and shoes, or my mum for the same. If I was spending half as much on clothes as they do, my mum would probably be thrilled! Well, I'm not, so the way I see it, I should be able to buy other things. Things that bring me enjoyment. Probably more enjoyment than their wardrobes bring them, anyway.

Anyway, I find myself with a sudden, inexplicable and very urgent need to watch Star Trek TOS. So I'm going to fish out my videos and watch a few eps. I wonder how my mum would react if I bought the Star Trek DVDs? I wonder why I care. I'm 23, for smeg’s sake. I should be able to do what I want...

There are so many DVDs I want though, Star Trek, Forever Knight (okay, already ordered them), Traders, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis (definitely getting them), Due South, The Invisible Man... I worked out the other night that if I bought all the DVDs I wanted, it'd cost me nearly £500! And that's using the cheapest prices I could find. So, just for the record, I won't be doing *that* any time soon!

31 hours to Hot Zone...
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