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Yay...(Damn! Damn! Damn!) I got a job

Got a job. A factory job, something to do with packing cosmetics or something, I think. Well, at least I won't stink of food by the end of the day or anything...
Gonna be a problem for watching And Never Let Her Go though. I will have to set it to record when it's on in the afternoon, and then if it bodges up, I can tape it the following morning. Thing is, if it bodges up the set to record on the first day, I won't be able to set to record on the second day because I'll be taping the first one. So then the second ep, I'll have to tape it on the following morning. That way, if is bodges, I’ll have no fall back. So basically, I AM STRESSED OUT! This sucks! I won't be able to relax till I've seen it and got it taped. Which will be more than a week from now.
On the other hand, I'll get money for working. I get something like £4 something an hour. so that'll be a min of £30 a day. Which is £150 a week. And the job is meant to last for 4 weeks, so for the whole thing I should get £600. That'll be taxed though, so let's say 20%? (actually, I have no idea, so that is hopefully a high estimate) So then I'll get a min of £480 for the whole thing. More than enough to buy Traders on DVD. And loads of other stuff too. So hopefully the job will be doable, because if I need to stand up all day I can't do it. So, I guess I'll have to wait and see...
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