prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I got to work today and suddenly got hit by paranoia that I'd left my hair straighteners switched on. I've done it before, and found burn marks on my bed afterwards, and it didn't help someone telling me she'd left hers on for 10 minutes and burnt a hole in the bed. Mine definitely burnt a hole in my arm when I leaned on them last summer. So I spent the whole morning being paranoid that I was going to burn the house down. I had to go home at dinner, but everything was fine. They were on, but the bed wasn't on fire or anything.

So, that was my day.

I never update my blog anymore. And sorry about the lack of fanfic, I'm finding it really difficult to find the time o write at them moment, I am going to finish it though. And then I might start a Mighty Boosh fic. Talking of, I can't wait for the 3rd series DVD on the 11th. But I pre-ordered if from Amazon since things take longer to arrive from Play, but they've gone and decided (without asking me) to send it from Amazon Jersey, so it's gonna take just as long, if not longer, I've got a delivery estimate of 14th-15th Feb
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