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Late night ramblings

It's been a while since I updated. I've not been busy or anything, no job as yes, I've just been sitting around mostly. The parents went on holiday last weekend, then this weekend they both went away again, but separately. My mum was actually only home one day this week, so the house has been a fairly nag free zone the past few days.
The other day me and my sister spend hours on an 80s cartoon site ( looking up shows we used to watch and listening to the theme tunes. Then the other day I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the new series, cus the old one was called Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles here, which makes it easier to differentiate. I was so sure it was going to be awful, after all it's hard for a new show to live up to the standard of an old one, the memories of which have been clouded by nostalgia. But it was really good. Maybe even better than the original, I watched a tape of that the other day, and okay it was cool, but I enjoyed the new series better. I think cartoons are written differently now, so they apeal to more people. Anyway, I tried to get my siser to watch it but she refused, then yesterday I finally got her to agree, and taped it (it was on before either of us was willing to get up) and we watched it this afternoon. My sister liked it. I was actually surprised. She had seemed so sure before tat she wouldn't like it, insisting that I turn it off when I switched the telly on in the dining room when she was on the compputer, I was sure that even if she liked it she's pretend she didn't. Anyway, she liked it, which is really cool. Maybe I'll even get her to watch it with me more often. It's on every day, but that might be pushing it a bit. Now all I've got to do is win over my sister's boyfriend, who insists he hates it, because if he won't watch it, she won't watch it when he's here (which is pretty much always).
So anyway, I spent the last three hours reading TMNT fan fic, lots of it is pretty cool. I might have a go at writing one myself, but I wouldn't hold your breath. My Ghostbusters ones that I stared still aren't finished. I'm going to take them up again sometime.
These past few days, what with the parents being away, I've been on the computer at night, which makes a change (ususally my mum's on till who knows when and I don't get chance) So I've been getting a bit carried away. I've actually gone to bed after the sun started coming up 5 times in the last less than 2 months, and since it's gone 3am now, I'll probably do the same today. I've been getting into bad habbits what with not having to get up for RGB any more. In the middle of next week they should start showing ones I've not got taped yet though, so I'll have to be up before 10. It used to be on at half 8, but they moved it.
Anyway, I'm sure no one is interested in anything I'm rambling about here, I'm even boring myself. I'm practically falling asleep at the keybord and I'm not going to bother spell checking even though I know I've made loads of spelling mistakes and typos. I don't have the energy, sorry.
By the way, just out of interest, does anyone read the stuff that I write? I'd be really surprised, but I'd like to know if someone did. And why they do it, because I know I'm not that interesting! let me know it you read, please? I'm just interested to know.

Anyway, that'll do for now. Maybe I'll get to bed before the dawn chorus starts tonight.
Till next time

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