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I went to see Bryan Adams last night.

It was a really small venue, the Grand Opera House. It was absolutely tiny. Like, I thought Hull New Theatre was tiny, but it must have been a third of the size, if that. It was just him and an acoustic guitar, and occasionally a guy on piano, and it was absolutely amazing.

The audience were talking to him. When I saw Def Leppard I was on the front row and screaming along with the songs with no danger that the band would hear me. There there were people at the very back yelling stuff out and he was answering. People requested songs and he played them.

Oh, and he's absolutely hilarious.

Between songs he told stories and anecdotes about how they were written and had a laugh with the audience. Like how The Summer of '69 was written in his friend's basement studio where his malicious cat who probably didn't like them much, would pee everywhere. He did an impression of himself wondering around trying to locate the source of the smell. Then later on he was asking the ushers why the two bottom boxes were closed and had the curtains drawn, and someone at the back yelled "They smell of cat piss, Bryan!" and he practically collapsed laughing.

So anyway, the show was amazing. He kept saying his voice sounded weird because he'd been singing so much on the tour, but it sounded great so me. I'm still in shock though at how small the place was. I didn't get a lot of photos because the camera-nazi ushers were on the prowl, but I did get a short video, which I'll post when I get chance.
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