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A load of TV

Okay, so Being Human? Absolutely fantastic. Not the show I was expecting at all, but then I knew nothing about it going in. It's not very often that a pilot episodes grips me so much, and episode 2, which I've just finished, was just as good. It's not what you normally get from a British show, and despite how much I love British TV, I do mean that in a good way. When it comes to supernatural stuff, it tends to lean more towards the Demons type drama (not seen the latest episode of that yet, but it's really not been great so far), or else make it into some quirky sitcom. This is funny, but dark. Really well written and acted, and leaves me wanting more.

Supernatural started again last week. On the same day, at the same time as Being Human, actually. Same time as Lost too, I'm so glad for the Iplayer. And repeats. Annoying at times, but in this case repeats are good. Season four's looking interesting. Especially after seeing todays episode, In The Beginning. We've known (or was that just fannon?) for a while now that Mary was a hunter, but seeing it is kinda cool. Odd though that Dean is now okay with the idea of changing the past so that his family never became hunters, allowing the people they saved to die in the process. I guess things have changed a bit since WIAWSNB. Anyway, I like the fact that they're taking this whole thing with Sam's powers further this season. And the idea that the YED's plans were more complex than the psychic kids killing each other off and the winner lading his army. Because that was kind of lame. I mean, yeah I know they thought that might be the last episode and they wanted to finish it off with a conclusion, and if it had been the last episode, it might have been satisfactory, but it wasn't. So this is very interesting. The stuff with the angel I'm not so sure about though. I mean, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, demons yes. Why not. But for some reason angels seems a step too far. They're kinda cool though, having said that. I mean, possessing people, burning people's eyes out, sending Dean back in time, what he said to Dean at the end of that episode... yep, it might be pretty great, this season.

I've not seen the latest episode of Lost. When there are three shows on all at the same time, you can't always get them all watched. Lats week was interesting though. I was getting a bit sick of it, but maybe thins are looking up.

Oh, and Boston Legal's back. I nearly missed it. My dad just happened to mention that it was going to be on, thinking it was next week, about an hour before it started. Lucky I know not to entirely trust his information. He's usually 1/2 to 2/3 right. It's the last season apparently. I'm not that sorry about that. Having watched the first episode I get the impression that it's going to be more of the same. Now that format is very good. It was funny and moving and all the things that an episode of Boston Legal always has been, but it made me wonder how long a show can carry on like that with so little development. I'd rather it end than keep going until I got bored.

Oh yeah, and Battlestar Galactica. Wow, everything's coming back, isn't it? Only seen the first one so far, but it was pretty fantastic. Last few episodes of that too, but this one I'm going to be very sad to see go. I hope it gets an ending that it deserves.
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