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Photo editing?

Messing around in Photosuite last night, I realised it's not quite as rubbish as I thought. You can do a few things with it, and once you get the hang of it a bit, they look okay. And I figured out how to add text, so I don't need to keep saving and opening in Paint quite so often any more. So maybe I can have a bit of fun making stuff now. I still want my dad to get paintshop pro though, then I can nick it and install it on my computer (photosuite came with their computer, and doesn't have a disk to install it on another computer). But he won't, because it costs £100. Which is a ridiculous amount! Matthew said "You've got broadband, you don't need to pay for software." He says you can download it. Seems a bit real bad to me, but if they will ask for extortionate amounts...

There's no point considering it though, not while my mum is supreme god of the computer. I managed to get a few programs past her, but her spybot program will seek out and destroy Kazaa, and probably anything else I could use to dl. I don't think you can get it in the same way you get episodes.

Anyway, I was playing around in photosuite, and I made a desktop wallpaper. It goes in the middle of the screen, doesn't fill the whole thing. I was quite proud of it, so I made it our wallpaper. I got up the next morning, and Jennie had got rid of it. I asked why, and she said it was "Blury and rubbish". Charming. I had made it blury intentionally. I thought it made it look like a painting. So it seems my wallpaper was so bad, Jennie would rather have nothing at all than have to look at it. I put it back though. And I acted all hurt that she said that. Which wasn't hard, because I was.

Anyone have an opinion on it?
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