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Big Bang Theory (spoilers)
Is it just me, or is season three of Big Bang Theory just not as good as the previous two? I don't know, maybe it's the Leonard/Penny thing. I just don't see them as a realistic couple, and I'm getting bored of it already. On the other hand, it could be tat it's one of those shows that you need to splurge on, watch a whole series in a couple of days like I did with season one and two. But mainly I think it's the relationship. It seems to have become about Leonard and Penny with the other characters, even Sheldon, simply happening to be there. That's not actually the case, of course. I think they are all getting as much screen time as ever, it's just the dynamic has been screwed up. The sooner they break up the better. And here's hoping for a long period of awkwardness where they avoid one another.

How I Met Your Mother (spoilers)
How I Met Your Mother,on the other hand, doesn't seem to be suffering in the same way. I was worried at first, the first two episodes, though awesome, didn't seem quite as great as I'd come to expect. And yes, I blamed the Barney/Robin relationship for that. But then came Robin 101, and it was back on form. I find myself missing Barney though. He's all different now, and by the end of this latest episode he was missing him too. "What have I done?!" But he's Barney, so I'm sure that whether he stays with Robin or not, he will continue to be awesome. It's weird though, Barney and Robin were my OTP since like season 2, and now it's finally happened, I wish it hadn't. For me, from a ship pov, season 4 was perfect. Barney in love with an oblivious Robin, but still being all Barney-like, much to Lily's disapproval. But this could work too. I hope.

Sanctuary (spoilers)
Okay, the firs new episode of Sanctuary was pretty good. Not the OMFG! WOW! Factor of th end of season one, but it definately got off to a strong start. Ashley all brain washed and vamp-blood infused, the other people the same. It makes me wonder though, at the end of the last season, when Ashley was teleporting, I assumed it was her dad's genetics kicking in. Now it might be something the Kabal did to her. On the other hand, the other new things she can do came after the next phase of their experiments, so maybe not. Also, if (when) they get her back and get her thinking for herself again, will she still be all source blood-ed up? That would be cool.
What's the Big Guy playing at with this refusing to be cured thing? It makes no sense at all, and if I was anyone working at the sanctuary, I'd knock him out, force the cure on him and let hi sulk about it later. If he can't go back to his people anyway, what difference does it make what the'd think of him. Also, he must have taken or done something, since he's not all murder!death!kill! any more. I feel bad for Henry more than anything though, because like he said, Ashley's already gone. It's not fair for him to lose his friend.
Also, Tesla=awesome, but that's a given.

Stargate Universe (spoilers)
Still not sure about SGU. All the ingredients are there, but usually if I haven't picked a favourite character by episode three, I'm not going to. And without someone to root for, I tend to be kind of indifferent to the whole show. Like with Enterprise. Loved the concept, enjoyed most of the stories, but it always felt like something was missing. Embarrassingly enough, I also managed to fall asleep briefly during episode three of SGU. Not sure whether that says more about the story or my level of sleep deprivation. I like a few of the characters though, but I'm having trouble telling some of them apart. I'll stick with it, you never know, it may become my new obsession.

Right, sleep I think. Far too many late nights recently.
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