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I need a Nikola Tesla icon immediately. I'm talking about the character in Sanctuary, not the real Nikola Tesla, although from what I've read about the guy, he sounds pretty awesome too.

I got around to seeing the last Sanctuary episode yesterday, and can I just say aghisaldfjkhl!

So, the fact that Tesla was in it put a massive grin on my face immediately. I just love the guy, he is so awesome that I would happily watch if they got rid of all the other characters and just had him for the rest of the season. And for all of the next season. I'd let Helen come back as a recurring character, because if I had to choose a ship in this show, that would be it, (Yep, het. Weird, huh?) and Henry could make an appearance if he would please resume the angst.

But anyway, here's Nikola with another plot to revive the vampire race. A more long term plan this time, and one that would have worked wonderfully if the people he infected had stayed a live for a while. I would have loved to have seen Helen's expression thirty years from now when Sanguine Vampiris made a re-appearance. Unfortunately for Nikola, I suspect it might not have gone as well for him as he hoped. I'd love to read fic.

As it is though, I'm finding an abundance of Tesla angstfic, and I'm fully expecting more. Personally, I'd love t know how the self declared genius didn't think to make only one end of the De-Vamper active, but I don't suppose he'd ever consider it would work or could be used on himself.

Bonus for me though, because Tesla will always be awesome, and I make no secret of my love of angst. That final scene, ouch.

Anyway, here's to many more Tesla centric episodes, here's to an chance of re-vamping him, and finally, here are a selection of awesome Nikola quotes from the episode.

"I may have, sort of... turned them into vampires"
"There was a time when we sighed, and the world trembled"
"All the subtlety of brain surgery with a chainsaw"
"You've turned what was supposed to be a symphony into rock and roll. French Canadian rock and roll!"
(Hey, Nikola, French Canadian rock and roll can be pretty good! Éric Lapointe, anyone? Anyone? Seriously, just me? Hmm.)

"Life's a bitch, and then you don't die"

(Love Tesla's surprised expression when one of the vamp kids talks genetic technobabble! And his frustration at his explanation for why he dropped out.)

"Bram Stoker? Alcoholic Irish hack. Bats indeed."

Tesla: Before you thank me...
Magnus: Thank you?!!?
Tesla: You're welcome.

"I call it...The De-Vamper!"

"Well I hope you're all happy now. I'm ordinary."
(I love how sad Helen looks at that prospect, without even time to consider the consequences)

"Forgive me, Helen. It's just my soul crushing depression talking. I'm not myself."

"To those halcyon days of blood lust, now gone. Plus you gotta admit vampires are just plain cool."
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