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Being Human 201 reaction

So, Being Human finally returns. I'm not sure when season one finished, but it feels like a while ago.

So it starts off not long after the end of the last season. George's girlfriend is freaking about the werewolf scratches on her arm, and George is being attacked by random vampires all the time.

Now, I love George normally, but he really pissed me off in this episode. I mean, yeah he's not having a great time, but there is clearly something going on with his girlfriend and rather than making any attempt to talk to her, he ends up shagging the random vampire in the woods. What's with that? And the girlfriend (sorry, I really can't remember her name!) annoyed me with the not telling him what was going on. I mean, we all knew she wasn't going to keep it a secret for long, so I was just begging her to spit it out. I'm surprised George didn't know anyway. Denial or something. Oh, and that whole thing where he was crying about it, I don't know.

In some ways the way everyone reacted was spot on, but it was also annoying as hell. Maybe because people often are annoying as hell anyway, maybe the realism of it (apart from the sitting on the floor at work sobbing bit) was the problem.

But anyway, it was good, all things considered. I liked the idea of Annie getting a job, but not of her bringing that bloke back to the flat. I mean, they both clearly wanted mere than a phone call and a cup of tea, and Annie can't even drink the tea, it's almost lucky the fake gas people arrived. Oh, but if Annie's working in the pub around the corner from where she used to live, isn't there a chance someone will recognise her?

Who were those religious 'gas people' anyway? That's going to make an interesting story.

Also, Mitchell and the doctor woman could be good, but I don't see it ending well.

I should get a Being Human icon...
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