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Watching TV...

Well, it seems that the maximum number of episodes of Due South I can watch in a day while my sister is in the house is 7. Pathetic. I've watched more than that during the evening when she's out. Well, next time I get the house to myself for a few days, I'm going to watch random TV all day. Well, no. I probably won't. Whenever I get the house to myself I usually spend all my time online...

So, watched the last ep of season 2 of Traders, thanks to perian! It was so good! Well, okay I was completely lost at first. But I had a vague idea or what was going on because I read the episode guide. I picked up the story fast enough though, but I'm sure there was plenty of stuff I didn't really understand. I'll be watching it a lot more times though, so hopefully I'll pick it all up eventually. There was the funniest thing though that Grant said. He was talking about a computer program that he hates. He says something about it being too easy, you just click the buttons, if you do something wrong it puts it right... It made me laugh though, because I was saying almost exactly the same thing the other day about those programs to help you build websites.

They just really annoy me. Frontpage and all those, I mean. I like to build my websites in html. Okay sometimes I get javascript code from other sites, but apart from that I do it myself. These pagebuilder sites, all you do is point and click, drag and drop, and there you've got a website that looks as good as one you built yourself. Only you didn't, you just planned it and suddenly it was made. This means that any eight year old who doesn't even know what html *is* can build a website that looks better than one of mine. Or at least as good as. And yeah, I know I'm not that good at it. All I've done it picked up a few basics off the internet and tried them out in different ways. And I've been told by my brother that I have no idea of style or what colours go with what (although that effect was actually what I was going for) but I have done it myself. When something goes wrong, I go through and check what I forgot, or what tag I didn't close or whatever, and fix it.
I have used these drag and drop programs. I used the one on Geocities back when I made my first site. And then I looked at the html and it was a complete mess! There was stuff all over the place that wasn't supposed to be there. It looked awful. And all the mess was making the pages load weirdly too. So I went through most of it and redid it myself. Which was a lot more fun than drag and drop anyway!

Sorry, totally didn't mean to rant!
I should go to bed...
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