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Operation: Get a job!

I'm going to get a job! I've decided. I've got a plan and everything. I don't really want a job, of course. I kinda like having time to do stuff I want to, but unfortunately, no job means no money, so it's kinda necessary!

So, I rang up five employment agencies. Two took my details over the phone, two asked me to send them my CV and one asked me to go in and "have a chat" tomorrow. All of them seem very eager to give me call centre work. I have no idea whether I'd be able to do that. I really hate talking on the phone! But I could do it for a while. And at least I would be able to sit down while I was doing it. So that's good temporarily at least. In the long term though, I need to think of something that I can do that I would enjoy wouldn't hate.


Here's something random. Someone sent me this link to an article saying that Paul Gross (Fraser in Due South) will be playing a small part in some TV movie called The Tommy Douglas Story. But that funny thing is, he's playing John Diefenbaker, a former Canadian prime minister and the person that Fraser's wolf Diefenbaker was named after! Well, it made me laugh anyway.
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