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New episode of Being Human!

I wish it wasn't so late, or that I didn't have work tomorrow, or I would ramble on forever about it.

Oh, Mitchell. How I love your seemingly endless angst, combined with your capacity to just keep killing people and then thinking you can make up for it with more angst. The dead girl called you perfectly on it.

Aaaand, he's going to be killed by a werewolf? How much do you want to bet that a) it's not going to happen and b) it's going to almost be George. They're setting up this thing with the father and son werewolves, and we know they have no trouble killing vampires, and they seem a little rough with the copper stealing and the sneaking into the cinema (tisk tisk) so we're supposed to assume it's going to be them, but I really think they're going to twist it and make it be George. And it should end on a cliffhanger too, so we don't know for sure either way. But either he won't die, or he will and someone else will have to fetch him back like he did Annie. If it's the new guys that (nearly) kill him, I'll be very disappointed.

I loved the scene where Mitchell was talking about his first kill. It was very seriously great, with the angst and the fear of what he was, the denial up until the point he had to kill, and how he planned it before, stealing stuff to drug the guy so he wouldn't suffer when he killed him. Ahh, Mitchell.

More werewolves, that's also awesome. As is the fact that George and his girlfriend (what's her name? I can't remember) didn't kill one another when they transformed together.

The scene where Mitchell and George were waiting for the guy to die was hilarious. So was the but with George;s girlfriend breaking him out of person while being 20 minutes away from transforming. I know she is a doctor, but she was still the least convincing doctor ever.

The random move to Wales is a bit... random. I mean, why? I assume in the real world they moved from the Bristol to the Cardiff studios, but what is the explanation in the show? Why didn't they just film in Wales and pretend it was Bristol? A shot every now and then of the Clifton suspension bridge and I know I would've been fooled. People from Bristol probably not so much, but it would have been less random.

But never mind, becuase I adore Being Human, and now it's back and I absolutely can't wait to see what's going to happen next week.
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