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I'm back!

Been a while since I wrote anything in here. To be honest, I got bored. I've not been writing in my real diary either (the paper one that I keep well hidden). So, what's been going on? Not much. Oh, I went to Berlin a month or so ago. That was cool. I head a great time. I still haven't got around to getting the photos developed though. Probably a good thing. I wonder what the person in the shop will thing when they see all the pictures of Zoo Station that I took! Well, I'm a U2 fan, it was kinda necesarry.
Talking of U2, I heard their new album, and it's pretty cool! I think it comes out on the 22nd? SOmething like that. I'm going to ask for it for my birthday. That's not far away now. I'll be 23! 23 and still not found a job.
Well, I did have one, a temp job. I was doing data imput, but it wasn't that bad, it wasn't real data imput. And I could listen to my mp3 player while I was doing it. Thats over now, but it did earn me about 500 pounds! Now I'm signing on again, and getting 44 pounds a week. Pleanty really, considering I'm buying nothing buy comics. Might need something more before Christmas though. People expect presents.
New TV obsession - Stargate Atlantis. Anyone who's not seen it needs to watch it now. It is so good. McKay is the best character! I even got my sister to like it. And I'm writing fan fic, which shows I'm obsessed. I haven't written anything for a while though, so its nice to finally have some ideas again!
Anyway, I'm off to write some more.
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