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What happened to Sam?

I've been thinking about Sam recently. I've been stuck in this kind of Thirst-verse since I started writing the Enemy, and I'm working on another fic set before the film. We see what happens to Alan in the film itself, but in the timeline of the Thirst, I would love to know what exactly happened to Sam.

Okay, we know what happened to him, he turned into a vampire and Edgar killed him. What I mean is, what happened before that? In the Tribe, there seems to be this assumption that Alan turned him. I haven't actually seen it in ages, and I can't right now since I still don't have my DVD, but I'm fairly sure it isn't actually stated that that's what happened. I'm talking here about the non-alternate ending, the one where we see Sam as a full vampire and Edgar attacking him. Probably the assumption comes from the alternate ending where he's a half vampire. Again, I'm not sure it they actually say it, but it's definitely implied that Alan is responsible for that.

But whatever is supposed to have happened prior to the Tribe, in the Thirst Alan is still a half vampire, and so it can't possibly have been him. So in that reality, who did it, and why?

I see the two films as two separate realities, two things that may have happened. The Tribe, I take it that Alan was turned during the assault on the Black Widow's mansion, he fled the scene and he did go on to become a full vampire. One that probably turned Sam and was coming back for Edgar. That's a fascinating reality, and I absolutely love it even though I've never actually played in it myself, but that's a ramble for another time.

In the Thirst, Alan was turned much later. Only five years before the film is set, so sometime in 2005. At that time, you have to assume that Sam was still very much human, because in that oh so awesome scene where Edgar goes to visit Alan, Alan has no idea that Sam has been turned. So it happened at some point during the time between 2005 and 2007. Edgar killed Sam in 2007, bit that doesn't mean he had just become a full vampire.

Although I see the two films as two separate realities, they are tightly intertwined. 2007 is obviously the year that the Tribe was released, and that is the year on Sam's gravestone, therefore, the bit we see at the end of the Tribe is almost certainly more or less what happened between Edgar and Sam. Or, in my head it is. Not necessarily though, it could easily have been different.

I wonder about the vampires motives in a lot of things. We know they have some kind of hierarchy, with head vampires and their underlings, who are presumable also of varying importance within the pack. The head or higher ranked vampires are presumable the decision makers, with the others carrying out their orders.

One of their main motives will obviously be survival, they drink blood, killing people in order to perpetuate their own lives. When threatened, they will fight back, as we seen in the original film when David and the others come for the humans who killed Marko. But does fighting always take the form of an all out attack on their enemies, or could it be something else? Vampires aren't mindless monsters hellbent on nothing but carnage and destruction; they make plans, have ideas. So, would a vampire deliberately turn a hunter in order to remove him as a threat?

I think they would. Vampires are pure evil, and they would probably enjoy the delicious irony of the one that used to hunt them becoming just like them. The hunter might kill himself before he made his first kill and turned completely, and that would also remove him as a threat. Alternatively, he might become a full vampire, replenishing the ranks of the undead that he himself had helped to reduce. Or, he might become like Alan in the Thirst, who has given up hunting vampires in favour of hunting down small animals and drinking their blood. Whichever way he goes, the vampires are safe and they have set an example for the next hunter that comes along. That's my theory on why Alan was turned, in either universe. It was a coldly calculated plan designed to cause maximum damage to both him, and his team.

So, there is every chance that the same thing happened to Sam.

If that's the case, then why was it done? It may have been planned as a form of revenge either on Sam or on Edgar. If that is the case, it was certainly effective, resulting in Sam's death and years of angst for Edgar. The vampire that thought up that plan would have to be one the knew who they were, and knew what would hurt them. That could have been someone we know. David for example, as Reign of Frogs tells us he survived, or the Black Widow if she exists in the Thirst storyline. It may equally have been a vampire they encountered in the years since then and managed to piss off without actually killing. When they killed Marko, Davids revenge was to come after them looking for blood. Maybe another vampire would think out his revenge more carefully. Or maybe the second time around, David would.

The other alternative is that Sam was turned while hunting. We only have Reign of Frogs to go by to let us know that Sam was at least doing some hunting with Edgar and Alan. I place Reign of Frogs firmly in the Tribe's reality, but as things do overlap, it makes sense that he was hunting in the Thirst-verse too. However, Reign of Frogs also tells us that Sam checked himself voluntarily into a mental institute after that. Though that seemed to be a result of the stress of the assault on the Black Widow's mansion and the things that happened there, i.e. the death of his grandfather and Alan's being turned.

So if that didn't happen in the Thirst-verse, Sam may well still have been hunting up until something happened to him. Probably not on his own, I don't see him as that kind of person, but with Edgar certainly. Especially once Alan was lost, Edgar might had wanted backup, and Sam provided it.

If that happened, that would mean Edgar was almost certainly there when Sam was turned, just as he was when Alan was. That would have to be tough, having to watch that happen twice. And with Sam, there would no doubt be all kinds of guilt involved, because I can see Edgar blaming himself.

That's not what I think happened though. I do imagine Sam hunting with Edgar, but I think he was turned when Edgar wasn't there. When he wasn't even hunting. I think he was targeted because of who he was, either because he was a hunter, or because he was Edgar's friend. And I think that Edgar would still blame himself, because that's what Edgar's like. So, if it's his fault, he would have to deal with it. Which is why he killed him.

But really, I have no idea what happened to Sam. I guess that's the great thing about fan fiction. Especially in this fandom, where there are so many potential realities. Because the fact that after the Tribe, the whole thing was reset and started again opens the door for any number of alternate realities. So any number of different things could have happened to Sam.

But I kind of like my theory.

Also, in a random point, how I know that the Tribe and the Thirst really are alternate realities, because in a way you could almost say they are the same, and that during the Tribe when Edgar is angsting about losing Alan to the other side, he either doesn't know that he's still a half vamp, or he considers a half vamp the enemy. But in the Thirst, Edgar's stupid Dusk til Dawn ripoff tattoos are gone (thank goodness) and unless he'd been saving up to have them removed, it's definitely an alternate universe.

I'm just rambling now, so I'm going to shut up and write some fanfic instead. Also, this entire post was relevant to nothing at all. I'm not even writing anything about Sam at the moment, but even in stories where he's not there, in the Thirst-verse, he is there. In Edgar's head, along with all the other horror he's been through.

Shutting up now.
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