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Isn't it weird when you write something that turns into something completely different?

I store random ideas in the notepad on my phone. Whenever I have a fic idea, I just jot it down in there, usually at some point in the middle of the night just after I've gone to bed, and then I usually completely forget about it. During my lunch time on Thursday, I ended up flicking through them, and found one I really wanted to write. It was quite an angsty Sam/Edgar thing that as I began to plan in my head, became based loosely around an Alkaline Trio song called 'Sorry About That'.

It's quite an old song of theirs. It's about a guy who is in love with a friend who has just gone through a breakup. They get together, get drunk and end up sleeping together. He regrets it, because she had just had her heart broken and if they had waited he thinks they might have ended up together instead of just having one night. I can't find it on youtube, but this one is a live one that sounds pretty close to the album version.

Anyway, my thoughts were that the story would be set not long after Alan had been turned, (Tribe-verse, probably). Sam's POV. Edgar is all depressed and irrational, he and Sam get drunk, and because he needs some human contact, he lets Sam have his way. But because of that, they end up growing apart. Sam thinks that if they hadn't, they would still be friends, maybe even more than that, but he disregarded Edgar's broken heart and fucked the whole thing up. Something like that, anyway. But what I ended up writing was "Interesting" which is a different story entirely. A maybe one-sided, but maybe not, slashy Sam/Edgar piece constructed almost entirely of fluff.

Weird how things like that happen. I'm still trying to write the other one, actually. I really really want to write it. But I can't. It's not working.

Looking through my notes also revealed a long list of plans for my sequel to Aftertaste, which has got me quite excited about that again though.
Tags: fanfic, lost boys
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