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How to waste an entire evening

I just spent the whole evening updating my South Park Me icon. I've changed the hair so it looks more like me. I wanted a Lost Boys theme, unfortunately, the weapons section doesn't include wooden stakes, (why not?!) so I opted for a bow and arrow and an 80s-looking cassette player for "death by stereo". To make it more obvious, I wrote "Team Frog" on the t-shirt. It's red and black, like my Frog brothers t-shirt. Then, having made it, I then had to shuffle things around to make it look better, re-do the writing because it disappeared when I shrunk the pic to icon size, put the cassette player nearer to the person etc etc, and before I knew it, it was gone 10. Ah well, time well wasted.

South Park generator is here. If anyone wants to play. I was going to do an Edgar and Alan, but since it's so late and I need to write something, I won't. Plus, no stakes. Or holy water. These people have a funny idea of what constitutes weapons!
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