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Okay, i feel the need to ramble on about Traders. Again. I've just seen the first ep of series 3 (thank you perian!) and since I don't know anyone remotely interested in hearing me go on and on, here's the best place for it.

Okay, so firstly, I understood it! Well, not all the complicated finance stuff, but I think I've reached a point where I just don't notice that any more (or there wasn't very much of it - not sure, actually) it's a bit like the technobabble in all the sci-fi shows I watch. No one knows what it means, or at least most people don't, but they just don't notice after a while. But the story, what was going on, I understood that. Always handy when watching a TV program, I find. I was a little lost during the last ep, but maybe with it being the start of a new season as opposed to the end of one, that helps!

Gotta start with Grant. I love that guy! He is just so sweet, and utterly naïve about some things. All he seems to want to do is help people. You've got to love him for that. He's got to be the nicest person on the show, anyway! I mean, I just want to give him a big hug! And I'm not really a hugging person...
And there's this face that David Hewlett does extremely well, sort of sad and confused and mildly panicked... and very hard to describe (I'll have to get a screencap of it!) that I really can't get enough of. And Grant on roller skates! Okay, that was hilarious!
I don't know whether I missed something during series two, or whether there's going to be something on it later, but I couldn't help wondering why Grant was so eager to help Jack. Of all the people at Gardner Ross, why did *he* go with Sally to see him in jail? Apart from when he first arrived, I don't remember seeing Jack and Grant together all that much. I guess it's just that he wanted to make sure he was okay, and when he wasn't, he wanted to make it so he was. That's what I love about Grant. (And I don't care how many times I've said it.)

Poor Jack! That judge was a right arse! All that just for beating that other guy up? Or is there something else going on there that I've missed..? Either way, I can't wait to find out what happens with that story. What was with those flashbacks though? I was really confused at first, until Cathy told Grant he'd been in jail before, then I was just wondering what was with the tattoo. Was it supposed to be readable I wonder? Or does it come up later? Or is it meaningless and whoever had the idea just thought it'd be cool?! :D It seemed too much like it meant something for that, but I can't think of anything.

Is Adam supposed to give you the creeps? Probably. There is something very unlikable about the guy. It makes him a good character though.

Marty just cracks me up! Patrick McKenna is a really funny guy. It's weird though, because I can't remember much of what he said in this episode, just that it was funny a few times. His lines aren't that funny though. Must just be the way he says them. What was it with all the digs at Grant though? Oh yeah, that was pretty funny, what he said to Jack when he'd been sleeping in his office. Something like "You're what? This far from being Jansky?" And something else apparently stank as bad as one of Grant's feet. Hee!

Okay, I've lost track of what I'm doing now. I'm exhausted and about to fall asleep, so I guess I'd best go to bed before I do. I will probably ramble more tomorrow about the things I forgot.

Oh, something I thought was pretty funny. I was looking at the Traders DVD on Amazon, and you know that thing they do where it says "Customers who bought this also bought..." two of the three things there are Nothing and Treed Murray! I guess all the David Hewlett fans have been buying everything he has ever been in. Cool. Maybe if they keep at it, enough Traders DVDs will be sold to justify them bringing out the second season. Probably not though, but you never know.
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