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Torchwood: Miracle Day

Torchwood looks like it's going to be good.

It's a nice, longish, 10 episode season too, so there'll be plenty of time to tell the story. I like this new way they're doing it, a season is a story, rather one story a week in season one and two. I really liked Children of Earth, I know a few people who disagree, but despite the killing everyone off, it was a good story, and the one episode a day thing was interesting. This is just weekly though.

The fact that Jack is mortal now is interesting. Funny how he said it though, everyone else is suddenly immortal, and he's mortal. Is he? Or did he just mean he's like everyone else, capable of being injured, but not of dying? I assume that, but he did say mortal. But then, how would he know? The only way he could would be to die, which wouldn't be the most sensible way to test it. So I'm assuming he's in the same boat as the others. But even with the inability to die (assuming he has that) it must be a bit weird to be vulnerable again after all those years.

The American guy in Wales was just hilarious. He finds himself in a 4x4 being chased down a beach by a helicopter shooting at them, and it's obviously the last straw after the bridge toll and the being tied to a radiator, and he yells "Wales is insane!" like that's the kind of this that happens there all the time.

Also funny was everyone, even Gwen at first, being baffled and a bit annoyed at the fact that Jack is distracted because he cut his arm.

Want more! I wish it was going to be on every day like last time!
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