prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,


I got myself the new Alkaline Trio album the other day. Well, it's not really new. There are a few new tracks on it, but it;s mostly old stuff, but re-done. I like it. There's a lot of acoustic stuff on it, and I do love their acoustic stuff, and some of the songs are actually better than the originals. The new version of the American Scream with the piano is amazing, so much more powerful than the original. And I adore the cover of I Held Her In My Arms, and the new song I Remember a Rooftop confused me a bit. Took a while to decide whether I knew it already or not. Turns out it shares some lyrics with a song on Dan Andriano's solo album. Not sure which one came out first, I didn't get this at first since it wasn't really new. I should have though, because it's seriously awesome
Tags: alkaline trio, music
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