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My mum called me this evening to let me know she'd had a call from Blockbuster earlier asking about an X-Box game I'd rented and not returned. It was due back on Sunday, and they wanted to know where it was. Weird, considering I don't own an X-Box. The game was Call of Duty, which is not my kind of thing at all, and so for obvious reasons, I didn't rent it.

They'd asked her to get me to call them back, which I did. I explained all of this to the guy, but he seemed dubious. "Is there any chance someone else has gotten hold of your card?" he asked. Nope. It's still in my purse. We don't have the necessary console, so no one in my family could be responsible, and if it was someone I didn't know, I doubt they'd have been kind enough to return the card.

He checked their records, listed the DVDs I rented on Thursday for my Dad's birthday DVD and pizza night, and then said that the game was put through as a separate transaction two seconds later. But he still seemed like he thought it was me. Like I got the DVDs, then suddenly pulled the game out of my pants two seconds too late to go though on that transaction, and went "Ha! And this too!" or something, so it had to go on the next one! Obviously, either the next person's renting went on my account somehow, or maybe even the person serving me helped himself to a free game courtesy of my account, but I honestly can't see how they could think it was me.

Apparently they're going to "try not to ring me again, but if they do, it;ll be the manager just double checking what I've said." Maybe I'm being over-paranoid, but I'm sure they guy thinks I rented it and decided to keep it. So I'm not happy, anyway. Makes me not want to go there any more. Not that I do very often, anyway. Once a year maybe. But I've been a customer there since 6th form, and never before been accused of being a thief.

Ah well.
Tags: real life, wft?
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