prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I've had a great bank holiday so far. My parents went down to visit my grandparents near London, leaving me home with the dog. It's incredibly relaxing to have the house to myself and know that I can do what I want without my mum turning up passing judgement. Living with her is incredibly stressful, and a few days with her gone is like a two week holiday for my mind. So that's good. Milly the dog has been less thrilled about the situation though. She gets depressed when my dad isn't around and has spent most of the weekend laying around snoozing. If it hadn't been raining she would have been at the bottom of the garden staring at the gate waiting for him. I tried to take her for a walk yesterday and she refused. She sat down and wouldn't move. I dragged her partway down the road, but when it became obvious that she wasn't going to relent, I gave up and took her home. It was raining anyway, so I don;t blame her for not wanting to be out I guess. And finally, because it's funny, here's a Youtube video of Darth Vader arguing with a traffic warden about a parking ticket.
Tags: real life, wtf?
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