prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,


You know I said I was going to bed? Well, I didn't.

I'm writing another Traders story, set before the series, about Grant.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what he might have been like back then? I'm thinking around 1992, which is I think when he had his other job, the one that he only had for a week. Because I'm thinking maybe a little more normal than when we first meet him, and then getting more like the Grant we know later. Because what I was thinking was something like having him at this other job and coming to realise that he's not a job having kind of guy...
But in order to get the job (presumably he didn't have any sort of reputation back then) he would have had to have wanted it, applied for it, gone to an interview and impressed someone, right? That kind of implies he was a slightly different guy back then, doesn't it?

Anyone have any idea what I mean?
Tags: fanfic, traders
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