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Star Trek Into Darkness

Wow. If you hadn't seen it seriously do not click on the LJ Cut. This is a film that really needs to be seen unspoiled, and here be spoilers galore! Seriously, don't even take a peek.

Khan! OMG, I'd heard rumours he was going to be Khan a while back, but then they were kind of quashed when the character's name was revealed and I'd pretty much forgotten all about it, but then there was that ridiculous attempt by Kirk to beat him up, and the guy in the cryo pod and I was certain he was at least one of the people from the SS Botany Bay, then he said who he was, and oh it was so amazing!

Also, I loved Kirk's death scene, even absolutely certain that he would be brought back to life and how they were going to do it. (hello, random dead tribble being injected with Khan's blood for no real reason right in the middle of impending doom. That would not be the time for scientific experiments on someone's curious biology, not unless it was going to be relevant to the story.) I loved how it was an almost complete mirror image of Spock's death in the Wrath of Khan, and there's something about Spock getting all emotional that I just adore.

The whole film, actually, was a mirror of Wrath of Khan. Carol Marcus, the death scene, Khan being in it (obviously) and probably a bunch of things that slip my mind right now too.

And Leonard Nimoy being back again was an awesome surprise.

I have a few nitpicks, but nothing too big. Like, Spock's needs of the many quote near the start of the film wasn't really relevant to anything unless it served to foreshadow what was about to happen. And can the Enterprise really sit under the ocean for days like that? Surely a ship designed for space wouldn't be built to withstand the pressure of all that water. But never mind, maybe it was designed so it could.

Oh, the planet at the beginning was so deliciously Original Series that I had to laugh. And the aliens too.

There was honestly so much to love about it. All the little nods to the fans, to the point where I thought if you don't know Star Trek you're going to miss out on so much. I mean, not enough that it won't make sense of anything, but enough that there's something extra there if you know what you're looking for.

All in all, the whole thing is absolutely perfect. The only thing that would have made it better is if when the dead tribble can back to life it immediately had a bunch of baby tribbles. Unfortunately, at that point in the film that kind of humour would have been out of place. Not that there wasn't humour at other times, there was lots of it.

I can't wait to go and see it again!
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