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Days off...

Woken this morning by the sound of the phone, but I didn't bother getting up. My dad arrived home at 11, apparently school was shut because there was no heat. So he's home all day. Shame, I was hoping to do my Czech tapes and be able to speak. I can't do it while someone's around, I get all self conscious.

Had an idea for a slash fic. Very annoying, because now I probably won't be able to come up with other ideas till this one is written. I will have to write it, but I can't post it in case my dad reads it. Shame really, it has the potential to be good. Maybe I should stop reading slash, then I'll probably get more gen ideas. Oh, and to make matters worse I mentioned the idea to my sister, who hates slash. And my dad asked what we were talking about, so I had to lie!

103 hours to the next Atlantis episode!

Well, got pizza to make...
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