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Lost property

I found a tablet computer today. It was just sitting on a bench in west park where I went with a friend of mine and his daughter for a quick play on the swings before we met my sister and Poppy for dinner. There was absolutely no one around, and certainly no wide-eyed, frantic looking people running around asking us if we'd seen it. Not sure what to do, I picked it up and put it in my bag, thinking I'd drop it off at a police station on the way to Big Fun that afternoon.

As it happened, I didn't have time to go to a police station because my friend allows bios daughter to dictate everything the do, meaning that everything takes ten times longer than it should. That and the Goodfellowship has practically no vegetarian food choices for kids, meaning that there was nothing for. Poppy to eat apart from vegi sausages and potato, which was what my sister was planning on giving her for tea, so wine had to move. Oh, and Hannah managed to spill an entire glass of coke all over the table, the birthday present she had got for Poppy and my sister. We ended up at e Old Gray Mare, which was much nicer than the GF, and had food everyone could eat.

So anyway, we were pushed for time and my sister needed to get home to get ready for work by about 4, so we went straight to Big Fun, and then I had to go to their house, then it was tea time, and the end result is that I just haven't had the time to go all the way to the police station. I feel bad about it, because I keep imagining this guy going there to ask if it's been handed in and being told that it hasn't. What I've done instead though, is have a look through it (it's not locked and I figure it's not snooping, it's trying to be helpful) and found his email address. I've sent a message to it telling him that I found 'an item' in the park that I think. ugh the his and to get in touch so I can get it back to him. I also found out his work email and sent the same thing to that. I tried ringing his work but the apparently aren't there on weekends, but I know his name, his email and where he works, so I wonder if it wouldn't be better to hang on to it for now, see if he gets back to me and if not then ring his work on Monday. After all, I bet a lot of people wouldn't think to go to the police station anyway, they'd just figure the ting was gone. Not sure what's best.

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