prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Yay again!

I should really go shopping with my dad more often. Not for boring things like clothes and food, I don't mean! He took my sister to PC World on a mouse buying mission (she got a new computer the other day that my mum's friend build. lucky git, she's got the best computer in the house now!) and I decided to tag along so I could drool at the handheld computers and all the other cool stuff that I can't afford. While doing this, I noticed they had Paintshop Pro for £50 instead of the usual £100. I mentioned this to my dad, expecting an "Oh, that's nice. Now, this is the cheapest mouse..." but instead, he bought it! How cool is that? So I've been playing with it all night. (No one else had a turn yet!) It's way complicated though. I mean, the manual is thicker than some of the text books I had to read at university! Gonna take a while to master.
Tags: computer
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