prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Todays dose of RANDOM INSANITY with Catherine's dad

My dad is furious about something.

The other day he was talking about getting an Amazon Prime account to use some kind of Amazon music thing they have instead of his paid Spotify account which expires soon. Today he has found out that my mum has signed up for a free Amazon Prime trial. Cue dramatics!

See, the thing is that even though he probably wasn't going to get an Amazon Prime account (he said this, not me) he's annoyed at her because since she has one it would be nice to have a play about with it and see what it does.

So play about with her account, says me. Oh no, far too simple. See, if he puts her account on his tablet, he can't register a different account on there for 180 days.

So use her devices? No, because he wants it on his so he can use it whenever he wants and wander around the house with it so he can play rubbish pop music in whatever room he happens to be.

So just get your own account with your own 30 days free trial to see what you think. No! (and he's getting pretty angry by now, at me, for not sharing his rage) because he didn't want to get an account for ages. But since she's got one it would be nice to play about with it.

I think we're going in circles by this point. So basically, he's upset because she's got an Amazon Prime account that he wasn't going to get for ages, and he wants to play with it on his tablet, but doing so means he won't be able to get his own account for ages? Yes.

So, if he just ignores her account and does what he wanted to do in the first time, which is um and ah over getting his own for months and months, he's in exactly the same position he was at the beginning. Yes, that's right. But Mum probably isn't even going to use it very much, it's annoying.

AAAAAaaaaaaaghahhhahahahahahhhhhhh! Yeah, I get what annoying is like.
Tags: real life, wft?
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